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Daawat-E-Khaas… A walk down Mohammad Ali Road (In Pune)

Eighty-Eight, Hyatt Pune is hosting #DaawatEKhaas, a ‘Mohammad Ali Road Food Festival’ and Team #FoodProwl was invited for a tasting. As we walked into the restaurant, we felt we had been transported to Mohammad Ali. The plush tables had been covered with red plastic table covers; the food was served in steel vessels and thalis; typical of stalls at Mohammad Ali road. The mood was as festive as it gets to be at Ramadan, during Iftaari. Rows of live counters and typical roadside decorations adorned the entire room. We reached the venue nearly an hour late because of incessant rain and maddening traffic. Consequently, we were famished and waiting to dig into all the delicacies.

To begin with we were served Ice Gola, Aloo Tikki Ragda and Chana Chor Garam. I gave the Chana Chor Garam and the Ice Golas a miss but as ravenous as I was, I dug into the bowl of Aloo Tikki Ragda with gusto. The combination of tikki and yummy ragda, with a smattering of finely chopped onions, was delicious!

The kebabs served were Tangdi Kebab, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Soya Bean Chaap and Paneer Tiranga. The Paneer Tiranga was nothing special but the other three kebabs were mind-blowing-ly awesome!! They were moreish and succulent. Even the vegetarian soya chaap were so perfect in flavour that this hard-core carnivore could find absolutely nothing to complain about.

We simply could not keep away from the live ‘Tawa’ counters. They served us tawa fried Gurda Kaleji and Soya Mutter Keema; both the dishes were delish! 

They had a variety of mains on offer; Nalli Nihari, Murgh Korma, Haleem, Kali Dal and Paneer Khurchan to name a few. 

With so many dishes to taste, I opted for the ones that appealed the most. The Nalli Nihari was spot on as was that richly piquant Murgh Korma. I simply could not stop dunking pieces of paratha and rumali roti in it. Sigh! The Bohri Mohalla Murgh Pulao was another winner. The rice was fragrant; the chicken was well cooked. 

The star of the evening, though, was the Mutton Haleem. Cooked to perfect texture and taste; not many places in the city make such a fabulous haleem.  This was one dish that we went back to for a second helping. (Greedy grin)

Photo courtesy: Foodmirer
While we waited in gleeful anticipation, knowing it was time for desserts, typical Ramadan goodies made their way to our table: Noorani Malpua, Suleman Usman ka Phirni and Mawa Jalebi.

I gave a miss to the phirni as I’m not much of a phirni fan but judging from what the others at the table said, it was a tad pasty. 

The Mawa Jalebi was good but I loved the malpua! The malpua wasn’t as egg-y or greasy as the ones we find at Ramadan stalls and shops. Also, it wasn’t very sweet and was smothered in a gorgeously silken rabdi. Together, the malpua and the rabdi danced in perfect harmony on my palate.

The festival commenced on from June 14, 2017 and shall be on until June 26, 2017. Priced at Rupees 1300 + taxes, the #DaawatEKhaas, Mohammad Ali Road Food Festival is a part of the regular DINNER buffet at Eighty-Eight. They plan to change/rotate the festival menu every day but favourites like pulao and haleem will be a constant part of the menu until the festival ends. I loved the atmospheric buzz at the food festival. Do check out the festival; I have a feeling you will return home in a satiated, happy puppy mode. I know I did! :-)

Address: Eighty-Eight, Hyatt Pune,  Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace, 88 Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.
Tel: 020 41411234

Some more photographs... but as I mentioned in the write up, I reached nearly an hour late hence having taken due permission these photographs are courtesy: FOODMIRER - FoodProwl - A G RAMGADIA Foodie in Me Thank you guys! 

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